[6.11.2017] Life is a Journey, not a Trip

If one looks at life as a trip, it is ephemeral. It’s a temporary feeling, sensation, a quick quenching of thirst that momentarily pleases and yet remains everlastingly hungry. Any unwanted, negative event that occurs on a trip serves to hurt, discourage, and prevent the reaching of the calculated, yet also vain, destination.

A journey, however, is timeless. A journey allows one to experience any event, whether positive or negative, with a sense of gratitude, with a mission, with a conviction, with a meaning, and with an unwavering belief that surpasses any worldly interpretation. It transcends the secular notion of negativity and introduces a road that is metaphysical, wholesome, and complete. When one is on a journey, not a trip, one experiences, instead of observing; one gives, instead of expecting; one hearts, instead of acquainting; one marches, instead of loitering.

Being lost on a trip results in a waste of time and resources. Being lost on a journey results in a discovery of a path incomparably more enlightening than the one already familiar with. A detour on a trip is an extra labor. A detour on a journey is an added depth of one’s character, soul.

A trip anticipates knowledge. A journey anticipates wisdom.
A trip begets foreseeable outcome. A journey begets wildest surprises.
A trip anticipates external benefits. A journey anticipates internal enrichments.

A life consisting of multiple untroubled trips is worth only to the extent of the accumulated fading memories – whether good or bad. A life consisting of one long journey with many hiccups, trials and errors, pain and failures, is worth immortal sublimity, a destined legacy.


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