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[6.11.2017] Life is a Journey, not a Trip

If one looks at life as a trip, it is ephemeral. It’s a temporary feeling, sensation, a quick quenching of thirst that momentarily pleases and yet remains everlastingly hungry. Any unwanted, negative event that occurs on a trip serves to hurt, discourage, and prevent the reaching of the calculated, yet also vain, destination. A journey, […]

[04.20.2017] 이번주, KOTRA에 사직서를 냈습니다

이번주, KOTRA에 사직서를 냈습니다. 2013년 6월 3일에 시작한지 어연 4년 가까이 되었습니다. KOTRA에 입사하기 전 저는 취업에 실패한 법대 졸업생이었습니다. 법대 졸업 후 1년 동안 풀타임 직업이 없었습니다. 그 해 뉴욕의 겨울은 유난히 추웠습니다. 그 때 평소 안하던 철학적, 실존적 고민을 다 한 것 같습니다. 기도도, 명상도 많이 했습니다. 무엇보다 세상적 기준에서 제가 경제적으로, 사회적으로, […]

[04.02.2017] KASCON 10주년

KASCON: Exactly 10 years ago this day in 2007, a team of 15 dedicated students at UC San Diego pulled off and hosted the largest and oldest ethnic-specific students conference called KASCON (Korean-American Students Conference). To me personally, this is still the most meaningful and exhilarating experience I was fortunate to have been involved in, […]

[01.30.2017] Comfort Women are not a political tool

If any of you read the WSJ, there’s an Opinion piece today titled, “Comfort Women’ and Asian Security“. In it, Mr. Odawara, Japan’s Vice Minister for foreign affairs, claims that Korea should honor the “Comfort Women Reparations Agreement” signed between Japan and Korea on Dec. 28, 2015. This deal is an absolute fucking garbage whereby […]

[11.9.2016] And there is hope

After 24 hours, I am somewhat able to gather myself and keep composure. The few hours I had to myself today, I tried hard to make sense of reality. It almost feels like a scene from the movie Inception where Leonardo DiCaprio realizes that there’s an alternate reality he had no knowledge of. I admit […]

[11.08.2016] 미국 대선의 참담한 결과에 대해

투표 전 날: We live in a time where being an average citizen feels pretty powerless and worthless. But every 4 years, we the people are given an inalienable democratic right to decide the direction of the country. The more I think of it, this right is pretty damn powerful. After all, political leadership is […]

[10.18.2016] CKA & Voicelessness

Had an exciting yet physically brutal NY-DC(IAKL)-Seoul(Startup)-NY-DC(CKA)-NY schedule the past 2 weeks. A lot has happened and I fear they’ll evaporate if I don’t register them in my memory, hence jotting down a few thoughts below: 1) Coalition of Korean Americans (CKA) – I am blown away by CKA’s collective synergy. CKA is a group […]