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Thank You: After Cuba Trip (쿠바를 다녀와서)

Dear Friend/Supporter, You are receiving this email because you have generously donated to the Korean Che (now “Jeronimo”) campaign in one way or another. I felt compelled to write you because thanks to your support, 6 of us film crew had a series of unforgettable experiences interviewing and meeting with Korean descendants in Cuba. I […]

[7.27.2016] My Travel Journal from December 29, 2015

My travel Journal from December 29, 2015: “Something absolutely nonsensical is happening and I am trying my best to seize this moment. The reason I have to try is because this is just too unbelievable. I’ve always been fascinated by Koreans living in the most random places around the world. I mean, their ancestors must […]

[1.6.2016] On Cuba, and my magical experience therein

“On Cuba, and my magical experience therein” So this post is for my English-speaking friends. The experience I had in Cuba was so powerful that I had to share with everyone – and I wrote my first recount in haste in Korean because the topic was most relevant to the Korean audience. Because I fear […]

[12.31.2015] Poetry – A Tribute to Cuba

A Tribute to Cuba When the sea and revolution meet there is music and art. Streets unclean and people’s lives lean but one mojito begets dance, and one cigar, poetry. The revolution slowed the evolution but money can’t be the only solution. Che, admired, Fidel, feared, Marti, honored, and people, content yet confused. If only […]

[1.6.2016] 쿠바에 대해서, 그리고 이 짧은 여행의 마법같은 경험에 대해

쿠바. 우리에게 잘 알려져 있지 않은 나라이다. 미국에서는 특히 더 그렇다. 60년간 미국의 가장 큰 “적대” 국가 중 하나였다. 미국이 1950년대 부정부패에 찌든 쿠바 독재 정권을 지원했고 그 정권에 맞서 Fidel Castro 가 혁명을 일으키며 자연스럽게 사회주의적인 노선을 택하며 러시아와 손을 잡았고 미국과 냉전을 거쳐 현재까지 이르렀다. 단 8일만의 여행으로 쿠바를 아는 척 할 수 […]