By no means am I a professional filmmaker, but I am a strong believer and advocate of great story-telling. With my video-making skills I learned as a film major in college, I greatly enjoy making videos of my travels and important events in life. Below are some of my humble creations.

0. Jeronimo, Making of Film: Patricia on Jeronimo the Documentary (December, 2017)
– Patricia Lim, daughter of Jeronimo, recalls her entirely-by-chance meeting with Joseph Juhn, a meeting that sparked the birth of this documentary, Jeronimo

0. Jeronimo, Kickstarter video + Trailer (March, 2017)
– Combination of kickstarter promo video + first trailer

0. Jeronimo, the first trailer (Oct. 2016)
– First trailer to a feature length film, Jeronimo.

0. Korean Che, the trailer (June, 2016)
– A short trailer to a documentary on this Korean family in Cuba who helped bring Korea’s independence and the Cuban revolution.

1. A Tribute to Life (May, 2013)
– In 2011, Joseph, David, and William embarked on a journey across South America that changed their lives. This is my tribute to life and its beauty.

2. The Land of Samba and Copa, and a Journey there (July, 2014)
– In 2014, Joseph, Alex, and William join millions of people to see for themselves live football matches in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

3. Cuba: and a journey thereto [Trailer] (January, 2016)
– A magical trip to Cuba where I left for a new discovery. A discovery I had, and it was people. [Trailer]

4. KASCON (Korean-American Students Conference) (November, 2007)
– In 2007, a group of 13 students at University of California San Diego go onto organize and host what is now remembered as one of the most exhilarating and meaningful conferences for Korean and Korean-American collegiate students.

KASCON 21 (Korean American Students Conference) pt.1
KASCON 21 (Korean American Students Conference) pt.2
KASCON 21 (Korean American Students Conference) pt.3

5. LA Riots in 1992 (August, 2005)
– A tribute video to those who lived through the 1992 LA Riots. The video, capturing the words of KW Lee, one of the most notable Korean-American journalists, approaches the historical event from the perspective of the Korean-American eyes.

6. A Story of Daniel Matthews (May, 2007)
– Torn between his two identities – a young Korean baby adopted by Caucasian parents – Daniel Matthews explores his deepest soul through performance art, spoken word, and sharing of his experiences with photographs and old footage of his motherland, Korea

7. 2005 Indonesia Mission Trip (August, 2005)
– A two week volunteer/tsunami relief trip to Aceh, Indonesia in 2005. A group of ten students were convened at SWU church in Korea to set out for a journey that would change their lives.

8. Dokdo vs Takeshima (July, 2006)
– A poorly made documentary on Dokdo Island, an ongoing territorial issue/dispute between Korea and Japan.

9. Korean Startup Summit NYC 2016 (June, 2016)
– Filmed and edited by Yurek Akbar so I can’t take credit for its production, but wanted to upload as it nicely captures our efforts to put together this event.

10. Korean Startup Summit NYC (October, 2015)
– Filmed and edited by Jaesun Song so I can’t take credit for its production, but wanted to upload as it nicely captures our efforts to put together the event.


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